**THE MAGIC OF THE CAMERA .. Must have the camera Details**

That magical shot

Recent Work

  • ORCHID 3 by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Vintage Nose by John Schneider
  • Inside a Tulip by cuprum
  • Evening light on North Beach by Yukondick
  • Columbine III by cuprum
  • Cascade, Milford Sound, New Zealand by Elaine Teague
  • Wind and Rain by Otto Danby II
  • Rainy Morning by Otto Danby II
  • Hoppers in the Rain by Otto Danby II
  • Pohutukawa......fallen but still alive.......! by Roy  Massicks
  • It's a hard life..living on your own..It ain't easy so far from home..It's a hard life and it takes it's toll..all this time a man grows on..When you're trying to find a friend to stand by you by jammingene
  • So Pleased To See You. by vette

About This Group

This group is all about the magic of the camera .. that magical shot .. that photo that shines

You must have the camera details, type of camera, focus, wide-angle, zoom, lens setting etc in the photos description

No Snapshots .. No Blurry images .. We want quality photos

Some alterations to the photo are accepted BUT NO photo-manipulation .. if you are unsure please get in touch with LoneAngel

We welcome all types of camera

If you decide to join our group please read the rules
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