Humour Captured

Group Rules:

Any art medium, including written, is eligible for this group as long as it falls into the humor category. This year we will be promoting the group to various venues outside of RB. Because of this, I am asking that everyone make sure your artwork is your best. Because of the nature of the group, quite a few photos are edited out on a daily basis.

The artwork must stand alone as being humorous. We should be able to look at it and laugh. In other words, you cannot add a humorous title to a photo to make the photo or artwork funny. If you take a picture of a horse, cow, dog or cat and add a funny title to it, it will be removed from the group. If the background is cluttered, there is redeye , blurry picture, poor picture quality or blown out details in the highlights, the photos will be removed from the group. This group is meant to be for finished artwork only. No snapshots. If your images are removed, please don’t repost them to the group.We will be editing out any artwork that does not meet these standards. However, you are welcome to add the photo and the story to the journal section of the group. No matter how cute your dog is, if it is a snapshot, it will be removed from the group. Please do not include various photos of toys in your submissions to the group.

There is a limit of 10 photos/artwork per artist. If you have more than 10, you can rotate your work through. There is a strict limit of 2 pictures/artwork/written work per day upload. An exception is the t-shirt section. You can put 5 shirts/day. For the rest of the art, if more than 2 are put up in a day, the additional ones will be deleted from the group. This is to help display your artwork through out the group, instead of having it all clumped up in one section.

Please keep the artwork clean. If it triggers the filter, it doesn’t belong in this group. Nudity is allowed, if it is tastefully done.

The journals and writings are for humorous pieces only. Please don’t post “thank you’s”, promotional writings, " I made a sale", Happy Valentines day writings etc. This has been a problem in the other groups as well, so I am following suit and restricting the journal posting to the theme of the group.