Humorous Illustrations ( NO PHOTOGRAPHY )

Pls read guidelines :For the people that draw, paint or grphc dsngs sorry no photos or manipulated photos that dont fit into the cartoon genre, but would like to showcase their wit and talents in a group focused solely on funny, wity,satirical, no / words

Recent Work

  • WORRY?  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Discuss in the dark  by Arkas Designs
  • The exit  by Arkas Designs
  • Queue Everywhere  by Arkas Designs
  • A wasp on a leash by greendeer
  • the sleigh riding hippo by greendeer
  • drum playing lizard by greendeer
  • snowy the kangaroo by greendeer
  • wolpertinger by greendeer
  • Cool Season: Yangon, Myanmar by Kristen Palana
  • Heart examinating a brain with a stethoscope by Zoo-co
  • Rollin' TP by AnishaCreations

About This Group

New Group Guidelines ~ Please Read
The group was set up for people that do Funny Illustrations, paintings & digital images , that DO NOT require text to make it funny . In short , if the text is removed , is the image/design still funny ? There has been confusion in the past about how many words are a few ( which is what we’ve been allowing ) a “few” is not 6,8 or 12 … so I’ll assign a max number of words to 3 , and the text must be part of the art …for example …. a sign within the image/design , if the work has more words than that , or tag lines , titles in the image etc … it prob belongs in The Cartoon Paddock Group , not here , sorry . Also , just a reminder …. no photos or manipulated photos ( there are plenty of Photo Groups already) Lastly…. did I mention " FUNNY" and although we generally DON’T reject works based on funny factor …. please use your own judgement … if it’s not funny , it’s NOT funny …. please don’t submit it to the group just to get your work out there . Groups are set up to help organize genres within the Red Bubble Site , not to be dumped in . We will reject if it’s blatantly not funny , humor is subjective and I try to be mindful of that , but a picture of a vase , isn’t funny on any planet …sorry . Please , browse through , take a look see ..and hopefully if we all did our jobs , you’ll have a smile on your face … or even better , tears running down your face from laughing so hard .

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