REDBUBBLE TUTORIALS LIBRARY ~ Add a link (only) to your tutorial

Group Rules:

Join to post a LINK to your clearly written tutorial on any subject pertinent to art and writing on RedBubble. We do not want the entire tutorial—just the link to your journal.

We want your Tutorials Library to be easy to use, so we need to keep it free of extraneous or misfiled information. For that reason we request that members post comments in the Coffee House, so that the links appear clearly on a page. If you think that another topic is required or that a topic needs to be changed, contact host Jan Timmons or the grinning toothy guy.

Puzzled about how to add a link from your tutorial to the proper forum category? Click on How to add a link to your tutorial. or simply click on RedBubble Tutorials Library. We will moderate your article and then make a link to your journal from a special post in the indexed and alphabetized library.