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The Tutorials Library group offers an orderly library of links to RedBubble tutorials. You’ve probably seen many or most of these tutorials somewhere at some time. We hope to make it easy for you to find each tutorial—again!

Pop in to leave LINKS to your tutorials in the alphabetized major categories you’ll find in our Forums. If you don’t see one you need, just ask.

Please post any comments at the actual journal tutorial. Since we want your Tutorials Library to be easy to use, we need to keep it free of extraneous or misfiled information. And by commenting at the actual journal, we’ll give the writers credit, which they wouldn’t truly receive if we allowed comments here.

Please contact host Jan Timmons or the big grinning guy with any inquiries or If you think we need to add another topic forum. Feel free to post a question or suggestion in the Coffee House forum. Jan and Robin King began the Tutorials Library, and invited the remarkably organized BYRON to join them—a genuine plus.

Also, feel free to use the Coffee House to chat and for other group discussions.

Puzzled about how to add a link from your tutorial to the proper forum category? Click on How to add a link to your tutorial.

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We will feature particularly well-done tutorials by adding the author’s avatar. The tutorial need not be a new one to be featured.

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