Horses at Work - Geared up..

Working horses- Geared up..

Recent Work

  • Grey Show Horse - Black And White Fine Art Photography by Michelle Wrighton
  • Softly - Black And White Horse Photography  by Michelle Wrighton
  • Australian Cowboy - Fine Art Horse Photography by Michelle Wrighton
  • Spanish Passion Andalusian Stallion by Michelle Wrighton
  • Candy De Luxe by Jean Farquhar
  • Your Carriage Awaits You by TonyCrehan
  • Thunder Smile by Jean Farquhar
  • Gronskovlunds Marquis, Olympic Horse by Jean Farquhar
  • Sweet Mix, Works Every Time by Susan McKenzie Bergstrom
  • Anna by Susan McKenzie Bergstrom
  • Red And Gold - Horse Photography by Michelle Wrighton
  • Tinkers in the tide by Brian Tarr

About This Group

For any horse that is working or geared up ready for being worked or ridden … so it could be pulling a plow, cutting cattle, eventing and more..

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