The dark side of HORROR ... and the fun of it all...


  • Mean Green Cute Zombie Cat by byronrempel
  • Vigo; The Cruel II by Lukas Brezak
  • Black Cat with a Skull by byronrempel
  • Petey the Zombie Cat by byronrempel
  • The Mummy by Ray Jackson
  • Two Half Zombie by byronrempel
  • A child's walks back by stobi
  • Can't Be Beet by strangethingsA
  • Love In The Afterlife by CarolM
  • Z O M B I E  L O V E R by Scott Mitchell
  • Big Bad Daddy  by brett66
  • Morticia  by SassoJo
  • Zombie Monday Axe Zombie by strangethingsA
  • Phantom in the Dark by ArtByKevG
  • Creature From Some Lagoon by strangethingsA
  • Hold My Bones by cassmonster
  • Ambivalence by Nec-romancer
  • Bride of the Night by CarolM