The dark side of HORROR ... and the fun of it all...

Recent Work

  • Mean Green Cute Zombie Cat by byronrempel
  • Vigo; The Cruel II by Lukas Brezak
  • Black Cat with a Skull by byronrempel
  • Petey the Zombie Cat by byronrempel
  • Two Half Zombie by byronrempel
  • A child's walks back by stobi
  • Can't Be Beet by strangethingsA
  • Love In The Afterlife by CarolM
  • Z O M B I E  L O V E R by Scott Mitchell
  • Big Bad Daddy  by brett66
  • Morticia  by SassoJo
  • Zombie Monday Axe Zombie by strangethingsA

About This Group

Scary, frightening, creepy, bloody, gorey, slasher art, whatever you consider as pure HORROR, bring it on!
Inspired from horror films, literature or even the mind bending tales in your own head, bring it on!
This page is for pure HORROR art at its best.

Our current avatar is the winner of 2012 challenge.

Jessica Liatys with Bloody Keys


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