Hobart Tasmania

Group Rules:

The group emphasis is on photography, however if you have any painted or drawn works which relate to Hobart, these are also welcome;

No clothing, journals or written works, sorry;

Images must relate to Hobart, Tasmania. We are not going to specify a qualifying distance from the Hobart CBD – so please use some common sense. Outlying areas of Hobart, such as the Huon or Derwent Valleys, for instance, will be accepted – but adding images taken in Launceston, would be pushing your luck too far!;

When adding work, please tell us where your image was captured so that we know it was taken in Hobart (and Tasmania, for that matter!)

We have not set a limit on the number of items you may add in total, or on a daily basis. But this doesn’t mean you can flood the pool, either, so please be considerate when adding work, or the hosts may remove a few.

Work added must comply with Red Bubble Community Guidelines, and no NSFW images please.

Hosts reserve the right to remove work at their discretion, if it does not fit the group’s focus.

Play Nice!

Please post your best work!