Historic Sites - Artist notes must include location, historical date or era and description of historical significance or importance.

Historic Sites is now open to all artists!

Recent Work

  • The Tower of London by hans peðer alfreð olsen
  • QUARAI by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito by Yukondick
  • Wimborne Minster - The Secret Door by kalaryder
  • Fencing In Nothing  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Cliff dwellings I by zumi
  • Cliff dwellings II by zumi
  • hevers gardens by marxbrothers
  • The long corridor by arkitekta
  • Wimborne Minster - Pulpit  by kalaryder
  • Window Shopping in Old Quebec... by Poete100
  • Interiour view by zumi

About This Group

This group is devoted to photographic images that are inspired by the historical sites of the world.

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