Helvetica Nerd Heaven

For people who after all those years still love Helvetica.

Recent Work

  • Born in the 90's by Naf4d
  • Born in the 70's by Naf4d
  • Born in the 80's by Naf4d
  • Born in the 60's by Naf4d
  • Laptop Security (Just Drill It) by BiggStankDogg
  • 18% Grey iPhone by Naf4d
  • The letter A by sub88
  • Comma by sub88
  • flasher. by Reece Ward
  • Comma by sub88
  • a - unicorn by sub88
  • italic white by sub88

About This Group

A place to store for posterity all works based on, or related to the Helvetica typeface. It’s been around for many years and it’s doing just fine for an old lady.
Please remember that Arial is a deformed second cousin of Helvetica…

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