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Overweight? Recently had a baby and can't lose the baby pudge? Afraid of getting type 2 diabetes? This group provides a tight knit support group for those who may be lacking one. Healthy tips, dieting ideas, and awesome recipes! Don't do it alone!

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About This Group

We are wanting to create a very close support group for all of the bubblers who need help with dieting, exercise tips, good tasting but good for you food, and just overall support for each other.

This group will accept journal entries about deiting, recipes that are again, low fat and great tasting, exercising tips, daily calorie intakes, etc. I would love to start seeing members compairing daily calorie and fat intakes in the journals, also before and after pics. Perhaps a ’Redbubble’s Biggest Loser’ competition might come along if we get enough memebers! :)

ONLY overweight people/cartoon images will be accepted. We want to see lots of CHUBBIES, not skinny-minnies!!! Funny fat people, fat-awareness, anything goes as long as it is an overweight image! :)

This group is for fun and support but please, stick to the guidelines.

See the group rules and join this group here

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