HDR - The Purist (no over-processing; painterly; grunge or B&W)

A group for the highest quality HDRs

Recent Work

  • "Love Beach" in Western Nassau, The Bahamas by Jeremy Lavender Photography
  • Clumping Icicles January 2013 by Aaron Campbell
  • Solaris by phil hemsley
  • Solicitude by phil hemsley
  • Looking Downstream at Millie's by Aaron Campbell
  • River View of St Paul's Cathedral by timmburgess
  • Mists Of Time - Laurel Hill NSW - The HDR Experience by Philip Johnson
  • Vivid Sydney 2013 by Erik Schlogl
  • Blue Water Navy by Erik Schlogl
  • Vivid Bridge panorama by Erik Schlogl
  • Golden Mist - Hill End NSW - The HDR Experience by Philip Johnson
  • Mist - Laurel Hill NSW Australia - The HDR Experience by Philip Johnson

About This Group

You know who you are, you are a photgrapher first, you have a good understanding of the elements that make a great photograph, and secondly you have a passion for HDR, combine these two abilities and I am sure you are creating works that you will find in this group.

“Photo Realistic” is the goal of this group – HDR is a complement to a great photograph.

Lets see some of the “WOW” factor in your work – the very best of your best!

A few tips:


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Membership of the group is by invite only.