Hard Science Rocks

Welcome to the RedBubble group dedicated to the hard sciences (math, physics, chemistry, biology, geology).

Recent Work

  • A Stalactite Begins by Michael John
  • Dectrac Position Fixing Unit Mk.19 by compoundeye
  • Murex alabaster by lastgasp
  • Snowflake-1 by Ray Cassel
  • tridacna by lastgasp
  • pectens by lastgasp
  • Inside RHIC by Rick Gold
  • Young Engineer With Slide Rule   by Rick Gold
  • Hydrologist by arginal
  • I do my own Science by arginal
  • Snowflake-2 by Ray Cassel
  • Snowflake-3 by Ray Cassel

About This Group

Welcome to the RedBubble group dedicated to the hard sciences (math, physics, chemistry, biology, geology). This group is the place where we science geeks can express the love for our field of science or show others the beauty of your expertese or simply show the beauty of science.

What is allowed here? Well, a whole lot. Basically any type of artwork in which you display your scientific knowledge, any type of artwork where you use a scientific technique to create something or any type of artwork that has science (a specific field or science as a whole) as its central theme.

Examples: you´ve taken a photograph of a vulcano and wrote an extensive description on it´s history and specifications, you draw or photograph fossils, you design your own dinosaurs, you create artwork based on mathematical equations (e.g. fractals), you photograph lab equipment, etcetera. If you feel unsure about what you should or should not upload here, bubblemail me or leave a message in the forum (preferrably the latter). Science fiction art and literature is allowed if the fiction is used to promote the science, not the other way around.

What is NOT allowed here? Pictures of any random subjectmatter; your art has to be science related and simply being an scientist does not make your art science related. Artworks of animals, places, etc. without any detailed description that would make it interesting for us here. And finally, artworks that promote ideas on scientific matter from a religious or pseudoscientific viewpoint. Mind, if you use your art to discuss the validity of non/pseudo scientific/religious views, then please move to another group. Let the science speak for itself here. E.g. make a nice artwork showing/explaining the theory of evolution instead of mocking creationists.

And in general: play nice and have fun!

Due to the nature of the work here, a lot of the images could well be considered Avant-Garde so check out that group too!!
Also, check out the more specific sister-group Colours of Science

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