Your Country's Best (NO FLOWERS) 2 per day

Group Rules:

  • RULES:*
    1. * No insects or collages or images with writing on them*
    2. Show us images of architecture, transportation, lighthouses, statues and sculptures.
    3. Show us points of interest to visit in your country.
    4. Show us mountains, lakes, waterfalls, landscapes, seascapes and bridges.
    5. Show us what is unique about your country.
    6. Please keep in the spirit of Redbubble and show us your BEST work. No photographs that are out of focus or “happy snappys”.
    7.* Only TWO uploads per day. NO FRAMES ALLOWED
    8. There is no total limit of images per member, however, all photo’s must be approved and must be your ABSOLUTE BEST !
    9.No Violent, Pornographic or Offensive Images and NO NUDITY!
    10. No Cats, Dogs or Flower Images. There are plenty of other groups for these images.

Hosts have my permission to use any image I submit to this group as the cover image for a group challenge.
Challenge win is determined by the RedBubble voting system