3D Fractals and More (3 per day MAX, 3D images ONLY)

This group is for 3D fractals only! Made with programs such as Xenodream, Incendia, StructureSynth, Groboto, and Mandelbulb


  • Breathe by Lyle Hatch
  • Strawberry Metal by Dr-Pen
  • High Definition Insets by barrowda
  • The Devil Made Me Do It by barrowda
  • Deep Dreamer by Lyle Hatch
  • Fairy Lights on the Golden Gate Bridge by barrowda
  • Blues and Purples by Lyle Hatch
  • Set the sky on fire by Fiery-Fire
  • Gargantuan Grasshopper by barrowda
  • Sunlord of the Rings by barrowda
  • Rainbow Aurora Generator by barrowda
  • Fractal Origami III: The Value of Blending by barrowda
  • Fractal Origami I by barrowda
  • Rise and Shine from Dreamland by barrowda
  • David's Star of David by barrowda
  • Fractal Origami II by barrowda
  • Beautiful Ballroom Dancing by barrowda
  • Semispherical by barrowda