3D Fractals and More (3 per day MAX, 3D images ONLY)

This group is for 3D fractals only! Made with programs such as Xenodream, Incendia, StructureSynth, Groboto, and Mandelbulb

Recent Work

  • Breathe by Lyle Hatch
  • Strawberry Metal by Dr-Pen
  • High Definition Insets by barrowda
  • The Devil Made Me Do It by barrowda
  • Deep Dreamer by Lyle Hatch
  • Fairy Lights on the Golden Gate Bridge by barrowda
  • Blues and Purples by Lyle Hatch
  • Set the sky on fire by Fiery-Fire
  • Gargantuan Grasshopper by barrowda
  • Sunlord of the Rings by barrowda
  • Rainbow Aurora Generator by barrowda
  • Fractal Origami III: The Value of Blending by barrowda

About This Group

This group is for 3D generated fractals. Some of the programs we are referring to that are used in their creation are Xenodream, Incendia, StructureSynth, Groboto, and Mandelbulb, just to name a few. * We will except Bryce but only if fractals are used in the image. We will also accept Apophysis fractals if they are 3D!*

ALL fractal images MUST clearly show the 3rd dimension – yaw & pitch value must be changed so the shapes clearly looks 3dimensional

ALL images which look “flat” will be rejected without reason !!!


Julia Bulb Golden Sunlight from SuperCube (G0504)
by barrowda

Featured Banner

Thank you goes out to all of our members for allowing us to use their art in making new banners for our club.

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