Domestic & Pedigree cats only

Recent Work

  • ♥Little Boy, In My Heart Forever ♥ by Heather Friedman
  • Black & White cats by TeAnne
  • Can you see me now? by May Lattanzio
  • Pegasus by AnnDixon
  • Green Kitty Cat Still Life by TeAnne
  • The sleep of the just:) by Roberta Angiolani
  • The ear of Bimbo by Roberta Angiolani
  • Bimbo looks out by Roberta Angiolani
  • My Best Boy by Ladymoose
  • Here I Come World! by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • In The Spotlight by AnnieSnel
  • My Sleeping Girl by TeAnne

About This Group

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Graham Taylor

We are here to show off your beautiful babies!

We will not accept EXCESSIVE post processing, i.e., adding hats or other items including text to the image.
Some rules of thumb to make sure your image is accepted into the gallery:
Be sure the cat or cats fill the image frame, i.e, no pictures of cats on the other side of the room or yard.
Be sure the cat’s face is near the middle of the frame so when displayed as a thumbnail print we see the cat’s face.
Be sure there is no “clutter” in the image., i.e. objects strewn in the room that distract from the cat.

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