Great Plains of North America - CLOSED Temporaily

Great Plains - Location of where the image was taken MUST be either in the title or description.

Recent Work

  • Chihuahuan Desert, Texas by Tamas Bakos
  • Solstice by Roxanne Persson
  • Go West, Young Man by Eric Glaser
  • This Old Barn by Eric Glaser
  • Autumnal Morn by Larry Trupp
  • Carhenge, Nebraska by Graeme  Hyde
  • Room with a View, Texas by Tamas Bakos
  • River View by Tamas Bakos
  • Mitchell Creek by Eric Glaser
  • Texas November by Tamas Bakos
  • Yuccas, Texas by Tamas Bakos
  • Autumn  by Tim Wright

About This Group

Great Plains of North America is within the USA States and Canadian Provinces that make up the huge central dividing line of North America – the States and Provinces included are Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Our primary purpose is to showcase the Great Plains of North America.

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Rusty Roof by paolo 1955

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