Graphite Pencil Artists

A group dedicated to artists who create masterpieces using graphite pencils. Please state *Graphite Pencil* in the Description Box

Recent Work

  • Male Post Human Embrace 1. by Andrew Nawroski
  • 25 by braik tiberiu alexandru
  • Eagle Flight by John Reardon
  • Portrait of Dhruv by David J. Vanderpool
  • Augie and Mark by David J. Vanderpool
  • Man with a pipe by David J. Vanderpool
  • Wrapped up Pup by Pam Humbargar
  • Albino Parasaurolophus Walkeri - Paleo Portrait by MonoMano
  • maltese dog drawing by Mike Theuer
  • Gus and Woodrow by andrew  read
  • Love clouds 3 by pracha
  • Lines Design by pracha

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Art in pencil by sejramic

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