Graphic Editing 101

A group to show your graphically edited artistic masterpieces...

Recent Work

  • Undies II by David Atkinson
  • City Warriors by LoneAngel
  • Golem by KLIMAS
  • Taking The First Drop by reflector
  • What lies within by David Haworth
  • Homage to the Dancing House by GolemAura
  • Burial&Birth by Daniela M. Casalla
  • Sorrow by Daniela M. Casalla
  • xxX Nestled Xxx by lovemexxx
  • Emptiness of the separate self  by Lawrence Alfred Powell
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow  by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Crossaint on Captain Crunch by GolemAura

About This Group


This group was formed to help artists learn how to use graphic editing software (such as Photoshop) and techniques to create artistic masterpieces.

This is NOT a place for fractal art, abstract art, patterns, self-portraits, HDR, writing, journals and most of all “happy snaps” of your family, pets, holidays etc. There are other groups for all of these forms of art.

Work added to this group must have significant graphic editing. Changing the colour, hue, tone, brightness, cropping, adding text, borders or applying just a texture or basic Photoshop filters or plug-ins does not = graphic editing.If it’s not obvious, then tell us what you did to graphically alter it in the description.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Redbubble is about uploading your BEST creative work. So is this group, so your work should have some artistic merit to be accepted to this group.

Members who consistently ignore these rules will be given one warning before being removed from the group. We don’t have the time, or the patience to weed through the moderation garden to find the best stuff…

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