The Rhythm of Madness

Recent Work

  • Day Fifty-Six by ©Arni Katz
  • The Beast by Georgi Ruley: Agent7
  • Cold Feet by Elizaday
  • The Lonely Walk by Jessica Liatys
  • Creep. by Martin Muir
  • No Title 142 by Headcrime
  • We Are the Dead by Rebecca Reist
  • Ampusatan by Shawn Coss
  • Justice Will Come... by XIthLion
  • Zombie by Jessica Liatys
  • Jesus Zombtee by Shawn Coss
  • Day Thirty by ©Arni Katz

About This Group

Frighten me.
Give me the goosebumps.
Make it hard to sleep.
Who watches you from outside your window at night?
Make me cock my gun.
Do you have control over your own evil?
What haunts your dreams?
What threatens to destroy you? What are you trying to destroy?
Show me that you’re a monster.
Can you face what you fear the most? Could you ever love it?
Is your art filled with your secrets?
Show me what you’re hiding from. Running from.
Show me what you’re hunting.
Do you know the color of your own blood? Someone else?

What is it that drives you to these dark corners of the mind, and the deepest cellars?
Is your life a shining example of depravity and ruin?
Do you work at a mad house? Or do you belong in one?
Or are you just a sociopath with the instinctual drive for the hunt?
Or is horror just something you’ve an incurable curiosity for?

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