Got Brains?

spreadin' the disease

Recent Work

  • disaster.disaster by alizeno .
  • Triple Stacked Skellington  by strangethingsA
  • TRIGGERED! by John Medbury (LAZY J Studios)
  • Eye Don't Mind - Alternative Fax remix by Eric Murphy
  • Eye Don't Mind - Full Color Jacket remix by Eric Murphy
  • Eye Don't Mind by Eric Murphy
  • Hive Mind - Damage Remix by Eric Murphy
  • Frunkee by fizzgig
  • Zombie School Girl - OOTD style by simplydikka
  • ZOM BEE by ArtByKevG
  • Winter Blade by strangethingsA
  • Balancing Act  3 by Carol Stocki

About This Group

‘Got Brains?’ is a group dedicated entirely to Zombies.

A place where all us fans of the undead can post our zombie-related artwork.

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