Going Coastal - (2 art per day)

Group Rules:

Submit photos/art /journals/writings that are focused on something directly related to a coastal area. Journal entries may also be related to art that you have submitted. The forum should be used for discussions or for asking for help.

Please submit your best work. Normal redbubble rules apply. Limit your submissions to 2 per day. This allows photos to stay on the Home Page longer…giving everyone a better chance at selling their photo.

Group moderators reserve the right to remove any work that does not meet group requirements, is offensive, of poor quality, has a snake in it or is an add for a product.

Please place family album photos…in your family album.
If it’s not obvious that the image is taken on the coast…it should state something about it being shot near or on the coast in the description. Near in this case means within sight or no farther than 1/2 mile of the coast if you can’t see the water.

All bmails to group moderators will be kept positive…group moderators reserve the right to delete users from the group as deemed appropriate.

Requirements for work to be Featured:
Work selected will be deemed as outstanding in one or more ways by the group moderators. We would prefer to have the photo state where it was taken.

redbubble user agreement

This group will be kept at about 25 pages of your wonderful art. Eventually the rest of the pages will be Featured Work. Once your work is Featured…the goal is to leave it that way.