All Glorious Lilies

Interpreting Lilies (by family and name)

Recent Work

  • "Birth of Lotus Land"   from the series "Fractals of Life" by Anna Miarczynska
  • Lily Blue Abstract by SexyEyes69
  • Colourful Keukenhof Gardens - A Photographer's Paradise by EasterDaffodil
  • Peach Lilies by Linda Makiej
  • Peach Lily Center by Linda Makiej
  • White Alstroemeria  by Linda Makiej
  • Comfort by alan shapiro
  • Hosta Painterly Effect by hummingbirds
  • Yellow Alstroemeria Lilies by Elaine Teague
  • The Koi Pond by AngieDavies
  • "Talks About the Essence of Life" from the series "In the Lotus Land" by Anna Miarczynska
  • Calla Lilies in the Garden by JOSEPHMAZZUCCO

About This Group

Oct 15 2018 – an active group! Please see “Join the Group” to read about the scope of the group. This group is for ALL kinds of Lilies whether in the Liliaceae family or with Lily in the common name. It includes flowers, leaves, and plants. See the complete list in the Forum The Handy List of Lilies.

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