!Globes, Spheres and Curves!

Group Rules:

1. Only 2 uploads per member per day to the group.

2. Don’t critique an art piece unless explicitly stated by the artist that they want critique.

3. Any questions/suggestions, Bubblemail any moderator.

4. No Spam or non related themed journal entries are allowed.

5. Each month there will be an Artist of the Month featured on the front page.

6. Moderators have final say and there will be no debate on their decisions in public you may wish to get clarification. Please use the Bubblemail system for any clarifications.

Any images/journal entries not following the guidelines will automatically be removed without notification.

Please take advantage of the forums since many of the updated information will be posted there. Group bubblemails will be a rare happening if a guideline changes it will be posted in the forums.