Glitter, Sparkle & Shine

Images of everything that *glitters, sparkles or shines.*

Recent Work

  • Today's Powerball by ShotsOfLove
  • The Reid Murdoch Building by Adam Bykowski
  • Dark Clouds at Sunrise by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Evening on Derwentwater by Glenn Marshall
  • 57 Ford F100 Truck by DonnaMoore
  • Spirit of Autumn by Cat Perkinton
  • Night Light 2390 by IndigoBleue
  • Night Light 2396 by IndigoBleue
  • My Bathtub Dog by CarolM
  • Abstracted Christmas - High Key Pirouette by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Magic Of Autumn by RickDavis
  • Baptismal Font by Carol Bleasdale

About This Group

This Group is for everything that glitters, sparkles and shines. Fine Art Only.

Examples of the type of images that we would wish to attract are water drops on leaves and flowers which sparkle, glints of the sun on water, rays of sunshine, or the moon, bright reflective surfaces like gold and silver, sparkling jewels, sun rises and sun sets, and dew drops etc. Please note that the sun falling on a non reflective surface is not a shine.

If you are in doubt about the type of images which are suitable for this Group, just have a look at our featured work, or our Gallery of Outstanding Images which will be a good indication and guide !

We do not wish to attract artwork with writing which would be a greeting card type of image or any type of phone case or clothing.

Abstracts With Glitter & Shine

Dripping in Gold: Accidental Abstract by Aunt Dot

The Sparklling Eyes of a Cat

Suki Is Surprised!
by heatherfriedman

Bright Eyes

by risingstar

The Sparkle & Shine on Crystal, Metal or Glass

The Sparkle of Swarovski
by paintingsheep

Shine on Feathers & Fur

Sweet Baby Blue
by Pbratt79


Damnation Creek
by •Kim Reiten•

Shine in the Distance

Poor Judgement
by Brad Grove

“Your Favourite Image with Glitter, Sparkle & Shine”

by Bill McMullen

Eyes That Shine Like Diamonds

Amber Eyes
by Karen Hull

Silver & Gold

Cyan & Gold by Sharon Johnstone

Shine Involving Creatures

Thirst by
Mukesh Srivastava

Liquid with Shine & Colour

Blue Curve by Natalia

The Shine of Light Amongst the Trees

Behold the Light by Diane Schuster

Glitter, Sparkle or Shine with Bokeh

Web Site by Relayer51

The Shimmer of Light on Ice, Frost & Show

Filtering Through by Steppeland

Shadows by Micmac

Ice Stars on Christmas Balls after Rain by Hans Bax

Night Shots with Lights

London Christmas Eye by Adam Gormley

The Glint, Shimmer & Shine of Light on Water

Colors of Murano by Barbara Brown

Let the Sun Shine

Evening Star by Eugenio

Water Drops on Petals or Leaves

Red Rose Diamonds by Tracy66

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