anything to do with glitter

Recent Work

  • Beautiful Crystal Ear-rings by lezvee
  • Shooting Star Over Southside  by Charldia
  • Christmas Baubles by lezvee
  • A Little Bauble Tree by lezvee
  • Christmas Candle On A Snowflake Light by lezvee
  • The Star Atop The Tree by lezvee
  • A Trio Of Light by lezvee
  • Butterfly Fronds by Alma Lee
  • Decoration Blue by SexyEyes69
  • Decoration Pink by SexyEyes69
  • Retro Fish by Charldia
  • The Changing Seasons of Klimt by Alma Lee

About This Group

this is a group for anything and everything with glitter. it could be photography, a painting, computer generated, just about anything! as long as it has glitter of course :)

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