Giraffes- the long and tall of it!

All about Giraffes.

Recent Work

  • Rooftops of Montepulciano by Viv Thompson
  • Travelling Companion by Viv Thompson
  • Hipster Giraffe by EloiseArt
  • Cute giraffe cartoon by FrogFactory
  • Giraffe - Freda  by Kristen Howarth
  • Curling Giraffe by wilynsical
  • Untitled by Christinax3
  • Pyjama Mix Up by loganferret
  •  Giraffe & Hearts Pattern  by BrianUK
  • nature's mosaic by coffeebean
  • What Does The Giraffe Say? by nadiairianto
  • Jump Rope Champion by Mythos57

About This Group

….anything giraffe …. for the lovers of the ginormous long neck…this is a group for everyone who loves giraffes! So expect….LOTS OF GIRAFFENESS! courteous – 1-3 UPLOADS A DAY (maximum FOUR on our front page gallery at any one time!)…& give as many people as possible some space on the front page! (anything more will regrettably be deleted!)

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    One of our members landed on the Red Bubble Front page today, 22nd September 2009

Big Congrats to Paul Jackson
for his Front Page Feature with the very cute

Well Done Paul! Congratulations!

  • Three of our members have a beautiful giraffe calendar at the moment, displaying the elegance and wonder of these graceful animals..If you have a calendar dedicated only to giraffes… drop either host a bubblemail and let us know…
    Otherwise… GET CREATIVE!!!! They make fantastic gifts!!!


…there are currently TWO giraffe groups active on Red Bubble atm…. pop over and say a big hi to our sister-group Love a Giraffe… as we all obviously share a common love of these beautiful creatures ♥

  • Giraffes require the least amount of sleep of any animal. They only need between 10 minutes and 2 hours of sleep a day.
  • Giraffes have a tongue that is able to grasp and hold items. This type of tongue is call prehensile. It also allows them to curl their tongue around leaves and branches high up in trees.
  • Just like humans, giraffes have seven vertebrae in their necks. Unlike humans, however, each vertebrae is about 5 inches (11 centimeters) long. The neck of an adult giraffe is about six feet long (1.8 meters), and is extremely muscular.

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