Gorgeous Germany (3 per day)

Welcome to the Gorgeous Germany Group.

Recent Work

  • Germany. Bavaria. Hohenschwangau Castle. by vadim19
  • River Bank by Mark Bangert
  • Fields SW by Mark Bangert
  • Winter Sky by Mark Bangert
  • Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow by Kasia-D
  • Saint Mang Basilica in Füssen on a snowy day by Elzbieta Fazel
  • Typical flowery farm house in Upper Bavaria by Elzbieta Fazel
  • Satyr by Elzbieta Fazel
  • Germany. Bavaria. Wieskirche. Interior. Detail. by vadim19
  • Germany. Bavaria. Village. Houses. by vadim19
  • Germany. Bavaria. Füssen. Street. by vadim19
  • Arber Summit by Michael Breitung

About This Group

Welcome to the Gorgeous Germany Group!

Work submitted here should be images of German landscapes, German cities, German architecture, German culture, German customs and celebrations.

Anything else, for example extreme close ups of any kind (e.g. parts of statues, parts of buildings, parts of objects of any kind), animals, portraits, flowers, which are simply taken in Germany or by a German photographer but do not represent the country in any way (means: your photo could have been taken everywhere, no one would immediately know that it is in Germany), are not acceptable and will be removed without note.
A statue of a saint is not typical German.
An altar in a church is not typical German
A detail of a fountain is not typical German.
A part of a facade of a building in Germany is not considered to be typical German.
We’d like to see panoramic images of landscapes.
We’d like to see buildings in total.
We’d like to see images taken from a bird’s eye view.

Flowers and plants will be fine with this group if they are an element of an image and not the main subject of the image and a lot of landscape around the plant is visible.

Please add a short explanatory note to your image, e.g. where and / or why, who, what.

In order to give each entry the occasion to stay on the overview page for some time, WE HAVE A DAILY LIMIT OF 3 ENTRIES but no overall limit for the entries to the group.
Please don’t submit more than one photo from the same subject. One will be removed, unless they form a real complimentary set!

See the group rules and join this group here

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