Diversuality - Queer and Gender Playground

art on the subject of human gender identity

Recent Work

  • Male Nude No. 17 by Fabian Böttcher
  • Male Nude No. 16 by Fabian Böttcher
  • Proud by Open-secrets
  • Proud by Open-secrets
  • Male Nude No. 9 by Fabian Böttcher
  • STICKS AND LEGS by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • master by Open-secrets
  • Domina by Open-secrets
  • Male Nude No. 5 by Fabian Böttcher
  • Male Nude No. 6 by Fabian Böttcher
  • Male Nude No. 7 by Fabian Böttcher

About This Group

The group gallery is centred on re-examining concepts around human gender and how these may pertain to sexuality.
If you submit works that are not immediately understandable as human gender themed, please try to explain your idea in the artwork’s description.

This gallery aims to showcase writing and images that re-think the sex-gender distinction, that analyse and critique our society from a gender perspective.

Art submitted to this group will be expected to express and celebrate all kinds of gender/sexual identities.

Due to the large number of clothing/ rainbow flags/slogan style art in the group already, works of this nature may be rejected. (This group might be best here .)

See the group rules and join this group here

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