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Recent Work

  • Chucky's Gym - Good Guys by Punksthetic
  • FAKIR BALLOON by Fernando Sala
  • Junior Varsity Texting team by derpfudge
  • SNAKE CHARMER PHONE by Fernando Sala
  • sea by catesith
  • AVOCADO DELTA by Fernando Sala
  • Programmer - Code and Coffee by mbiymbiy
  • Programmer - Ninja by mbiymbiy
  • Front End Developer by mbiymbiy
  • Web Developer by mbiymbiy
  • Programmer - Eat Sleep Code Coffee by mbiymbiy
  • Everybody Needs Coffee by RhinoTheWrecker

About This Group

Do you like old video games? are you a little too into science or history? perhaps you have a huge Hornby railway in your loft or a fleet of Airfix models hiding in your cupboards. If any of this is the case then this group is for you!

Join up if you have original Geeky designs that you want to share.
This group is primarily aimed at T-shirt designers but if you have photos or images you want to share then you are very welcome to do so.

See the group rules and join this group here

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