The Goddess of the Earth - Earth as a Goddess - Earth Personified - Earth as a Whole.

Recent Work

  • Kriya Yoga - Ida, Pingala, Chakras, Sushumna by InfinitePathArt
  • sunset by 1STunningART
  • Oilpainting: Gemini by ienemien
  • PEPPERMINT BEACH by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Sienna and the Deer Seek the Forest by Michelle Tracey
  • Golden girl by KiVie
  • highway by 1STunningART
  • Sienna and the Dear Rejoice Christmas by Michelle Tracey
  • Red Bluff from the Air.... by Tracie Louise
  • Paint Your Life by Donika Nikova
  • Hot sunset at the Mary. by Peter Doré
  • Snow Patterns by WildestArt

About This Group

Welcome to Gaia.

Gaia is a complicated concept – which has two different styles of meaning.

Gaia [Mythology] and Gaia [Philosophy]

The Mythology side of the subject deals with Gaia, as the Goddess of the Earth – Mother Nature. The Philosophy side deals with a concept of the planet Earth as a whole – where organisms act on their environment to adjust and regulate it – interact or a Holistic relationship if you like.

Do not submit:
Individual flower, animal or people images unless they follow the guidelines below. We reject images that do not fit the group.

  • Images containing nudity will also be rejected if the NSFW filter is not active.

When submitting images – please follow the following guidelines

Nature images – plants, biomes, environments
Nature images – Animals
Planets, moon, sun
Fantasy works or people
Angels and Fairies

Special notes for when using stock images in your work

What we MAY accept is listed below:

*Fantasy images – at the discretion of the hosts
*New age and meditation images – at the discretion of the hosts
*Unusual art – at the discretion of the hosts
*Images with unusual impact & special messages – at the discretion of the hosts
*Science Fiction – at the discretion of the hosts

What we definitely WILL NOT accept:
*guns and violence
*implements of war, warships, swordfights
*sexual images that are only sexual and have no relations to Gaia, mythology, spirituality or new age. A nude image of a woman in nature that clearly relates to Gaia will be accepted. A nude image of a woman sitting or laying in a provocative manner with no link to Gaia or related topics will not be accepted.

See the group rules and join this group here