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November Featured Artist of the Month *Larry Baker*

Heather King Heather King 146 posts

It has been a very long time since I have done a featured artist of the month, mostly due to lack of time because of health reasons.
I wanted to give it another try, and the first person who popped into my mind was Larry Baker! He is probably thee most passionate birder and photographer I have ever encountered and I am continually astounded by his love for both of these passions.
I’m pretty sure Larry Baker’s intense love for nature and wildlife forces him to be a part of it every single day of his life. It is as crucial to him as the air that we breathe and the blood in our veins. I have heard many stories of the amazingly profound connections he forms with certain birds and they actually allow him to get close and observe. It is such a fantastic pleasure for me to introduce you to a photography and nature lover that I admire so greatly. The wonderful Larry Baker!

There are people who like taking photos, and then there are people who ‘live’ for taking photos. I get the feeling you fall into ‘live for’ category. We would love to hear about your passion for photography.
LB – “My passion started in my early twenties. Had a canon slr and 2 lenses and extension tubes. Did a lot of landscapes, macro and some bird and animal shots. Have always loved being outdoors and have an artistic mind so it came very easy to me.”

Do you remember the first photograph you ever took? Or that moment where you captured something and you got that beautiful ‘awestruck’ moment of ‘this is what I will spend the rest of my life doing’?
LB-“Don’t remember the first photo, but always knew it was something I would continue to do. I do have a favorite shot from the early days. Was traveling through South Dakota on motorcycle and met up with a buffalo along the road. I took the picture with a 200mm sitting on my bike. His pose was perfect.”

What is your favorite season and/or time of day to photograph in?
LB-“I dont have a favorite season or time of day strangely. For me its all about good light and subject matter. If you have both, you have potential for a good picture.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world what would your ‘dream’ place be to photograph and why?
LB-“Florida is a dream spot for birds and Ive been blessed in so many ways there. I would like to go to Yellowstone because of the magnificent landscape and wildlife, Yosemite also for the same reason and I hope to see Alaska some day. My ultimate would be to photograph a grizzly catching salmon.”

I have noticed in your comments people refer to you as the ‘bird whisperer’ can you tell me a bit more about that?
LB-" Ive had such amazing luck or blessings, whichever you prefer, for finding eagles, ospreys, owls and every other kind of florida bird, that my best friend started calling me the bird whisperer and it stuck."

How would you be spending your time if you weren’t able to photograph nature’s beauty?
LB-" I deal with cronic nerve pain in my feet. It hinders me a lot in photographing nature. Ive addapted. Some of my best pictures were taken from in my car. I also use a small backpack chair. If I couldnt do it at all, id probably take up painting birds. I like to draw but never seem to take the time to."

Silly question, but if you could be any bird, what one would you be and why?
LB-“An osprey because they are the most fascinating of all birds for me. Such power and skill at catching fish and just plain beautiful to look at.”

What is the most profound photographic experience you ever had with a close encounter with a feathered friend?
LB-“The first time I found an eagles nest in florida was the best. Early morning, good light, male and female at the nest. The male was chirping as if to say this is our territory. I was all alone. It was wonderful and I’ll never forget it.”

In his own words “Id just like to say that for me, I enjoy watching bird behavior. I’ve learned a great deal and in knowing their behavior, you stand a better chance of catching them doing something that changes an average photo into a great one. Thank you Heather King :)”

lorilee lorilee 856 posts

What amazing images, Larry!!!! Congratulations!!!!

labaker labaker 114 posts

I’m speechless Heather. This is such a kind gesture. I am truly grateful to you for doing this. You are such a generous, loving soul and I hope someday when you get well, we can have ourselves a grand bird experience together. Thank you so much!

Heather King Heather King 146 posts

Such a pleasure for me Larry. I’m not the most sound of mind as of lately I only hope I did you justice♥
You are an incredible and beautiful soul, one can feel the love in your work, even the titles alone. You are a rare and precious gem Larry Baker!!!
When I do get well, you bet we will have the most grand bird experience EVER! It will be epic. I so can NOT wait for that day!
You’re more than welcome:)

Donna19 Donna19 978 posts

I am just amazed at his talent! I believe that anyone who has such a connection with nature is a blessed spirit. He clearly talks their language and they gladly respond with their very best for him. Together with his spirit and eye for just the right moment he captures what most have missed in life. Bravo Larry and what a wonderful tribute to you Heather has given.

Ted Busby Ted Busby 528 posts

Wonderful to once again see the Featured Artist of the Month!

An Excellent choice; Larry has show through his images, the true love & passion he has for his subjects. Clearly a talented photographer making the “Moments” count. Love his work.

A “BIG” Congrats Larry !
Well Done !

mark6229 mark6229 759 posts

What a fantastic nature photographer Larry is and someone who I am proud to call a mate here on RB. He gets many amazing shots and I often call him lucky, but you don’t get that much luck, it’s a combination of skill, knowledge with a mix of occasional luck. Larry certainly produces fantastic work and it is great that he chooses to share it with us, I know I take inspiration from is photographs. A well deserved feature member, many congratulations Larry.

naturelover naturelover 419 posts

Awesome pictures Larry, a great tribute to your wonderful work. Congratulations and well done Heather for this gorgeous gallery of his work x

kristijohnson kristijohnson 141 posts

Gorgeous work! Congrats Larry!!

NewfieKeith NewfieKeith 1750 posts

Awesome Work Congrats !!!

K Lockhart K Lockhart 24 posts

Cograts Larry! You are simply amazing and your passion for our winged and furry friends shows in everything you photograph! Heather just showed me the video of your beloved ospreys and it was a huge heart swell!

Robin Monroe Robin Monroe 190 posts

a big well deserved congrats Larry….You know I love your work and how you so capture the moment….It is so awesome to see these wonderful captures in large format….they are fantastic:)

Heather King Heather King 146 posts

Love all the Larry Love:)

vigor vigor 10219 posts

Great feature Larry, Heather did a great job presenting this!!!

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