Funny Play On Words

Any type of funny or punny word play.

Recent Work

  • Untitled by RealGoodVibes
  • Chill Out by Lauren Patrick
  • Clever I Need An Altitude Adjustment Aviation Design by GrandpasTees
  • Brooom! Sexy Motorcycle Witch Doesn't Ride A Broom She Goes Brooom by GrandpasTees
  • I Found This Humerus Cat Holding Bone Design  by GrandpasTees
  • Nightmare on Bran Street: the long, long shadow of the cereal killer by shackledlettuce
  • Don't Be Koi Design Is A Play On The Word Coy With A Lovely Koi Fish by GrandpasTees
  • Fallelujah by SavElmore
  • Tired Ghost by BambooKoi
  • Peas of cake by shackledlettuce
  • I'm Kind Of A Big Dill by rarlyann
  • 'Avo Happy Birthday by rarlyann

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“Funny Play on Words” is a group dedicated to puns, word plays, dad jokes, etc. All work must be original.

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