Full Moon

Paintings, drawings, photographs, and digitally created images of a Full Moon is the focus of this group.


  • Remembering You by Dianne English
  • Full Moon Forest by Guy Carpenter
  • Fly me to the moon  by larry flewers
  • November Full Moon  by jammingene
  • Strange Light by AlienVisitor
  • Do you like the dark..Do you like the way it moves..Do you come alive when neon kills the sun..Night people by jammingene
  • Star Struck (Impressionist) by Kenny M. Davis
  • Fury by Michele Simon
  • "Return To Cypress" by Steve Farr
  • A flock of seagulls  by larry flewers
  • In the middle of the night by Tomas Sironi
  • Winter Solstice by Mary Ann Reilly
  • Rochester Kent  by larry flewers
  • A night at the Lake  by larry flewers
  • Flying high in a friendly sky  by larry flewers
  • Full by Luci Mahon
  • The Moon by Stephen Walton
  • "Mysterious Night Sky's" by Doyle  McClung