Full Frontal Facades

Photos or paintings of facades of any kind of building.

Recent Work

  • Not a word! by cclaude
  • Blue Door by iamelmana
  • Portofino 2 by Igor Shrayer
  • Portofino by Igor Shrayer
  • Fake News by Ben Loveday
  • Glass Twin by phil decocco
  • The Memorial Sign in Bolgar, Russia by Sevablsv
  • Reflections by vigor
  • City balconies by Silvia Ganora
  • The Sitter (Revisited) by Ben Loveday
  • Orthodox Architecture by phil decocco
  • Street Scene Hanoi by Michiel de Lange

About This Group

We like to see full frontal views of any kind of facade. This means the front or side view of a house or building only.

No complete views of a building, no skies, no surrounding trees.

The facade typically includes a wall, windows, doors, the roof, chimneys.

The image should be tightly cropped to show just the facade or its details.

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