The New Fuji Fine (3 a day)

For Fujifilm camera users or products of fuji

Recent Work

  • Rustee by Yampimon
  • Lone Pine in Winter by Yukondick
  • Orange wall by athexphoto
  • Listen to Nature by trish725
  • Lake Hart by athexphoto
  • " Home is where the heart is" by Malcolm Chant
  • King Island Tasmania 1 by Pauline Tims
  • Lonely Tree by Pauline Tims
  • Downtown Vancouver from Coal Harbour by Yukondick
  • Monk by Yampimon
  • Windows Walls and Ivy by Yampimon
  • Thin House by Yampimon

About This Group

A place for Fujifilm camera users to share their art (Any Fuji model is acceptable). All submissions must list the camera model used. No more than 3 submissions per user per day. Submissions must be photography. Some manipulation (outside of post processing) will be allowed, so long as it’s still recognizable as the original photo, and camera information is included.I have changed the rules a little you can now join this group if you use fuji products as long as you say what it is you use

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