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Peter Reid Peter Reid 148 posts
  1. Is French Gothic Architecture really unsurpassable?
vadim19 vadim19 164 posts

Gothic style of architecture was invented in France. Then it spread all over Europe. Most of the famous French Cathedrals are in Gothic style. Is it unsurpassable? Probably, if we are talking about pure Gothic style. I, myself, prefer some mixture of styles. Like Cathedral in Milan, Italy which is a mixture of Cothic and Renaissance. So it’s a matter of taste as almost everything. Regards, Vadim

Fran0723 Fran0723 20 posts

As the Gothic art is born in France, we could estimate that the best realisations were done between CHartres et Soissons, we have all those amazing cathedrals to illustrate it : Amiens, Paris, Strasbourg, Reims, Chartres,Soissons,Rouen ,Reims, Saint-Denis, Sens, Beauvais,Orleans,Bourges, Senlis, Noyon and others!! Each of those monuments are an unique wonder.
But what about Westminster Abbey or Cambridge King’s College in England ? And the wonderful german cathedrals of Cologne (Amiens repliqua) or Ulm (highest stone gothic arrow in the world) ? They are also pure gothic art.
By the way , the first name of “gothic art” was “francigenum opus” which means “French art” or"french work".The name of “gothic” was given in a pejorative way. It was the “art of Goths”, a barbarian art, done by people which wolud have forgotten the roman techniques and canons!!

Revenant Revenant 1016 posts

AbbĂ© Suget and his lux continua have a lot to answer for / be proud of, but I’m glad some examples of French Gothic examples in England got a mention (even if their architects were French…). I just wanted to highlight the importance of Moorish and Byzantine mathematics and engineering brought back through trade and the occasional crusade. I’m always a little wary of terms like “born in / started on”. It makes it sound as if it sprang fully armed from the forehead of a single person. Don’t have time to cite references right now (I will get back to this), but there was seminal work done on the travelling stone masons who built Chartres and may possibly have been Gypsies flitting to and fro from the Levant. Sorry, this is a bit hurried. I’ll clean it up later.

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