Freedom to Shine (NO NUDITY)

The desire of this group is to give beginners, amateurs, and professionals a chance to shine side by side; in their own respective art forms! --->TRY CLICKING OUR CATEGORY TABS BELOW TO REFINE YOUR SEARCH<---


  • Fiona Christensen

    summer skin by Fiona Christensen

    A gust of summer air blew in
    Settling on our summer skin

    108 words
  • Sally Omar


    she rose early in the morn
    waiting for the sun to rise
    opened up her beautiful
    blue whispering eyes
    sparks flew as she danced
    around the sun
    giggling and laughing
    having so much fun
    the Angel with flaming …

    122 words
  • Tove

    The angel by Tove

    You lie in my arms and listen
    while I tell you about the angel
    that takes care of you,
    the beautiful angel with eyes
    that shines like the sun,
    wearing a dress of stars.…

    Your big eyes look deep into mine

    63 words
  • PapasGirl

    Let the healing begin.. by PapasGirl

    You cursed me, you beat me, you hit me with things;
    The marks on my tiny body, only hate brings.
    You locked me in closets, you pulled out my hair;
    You did things to me, and you didn’t care.…

    You said how

    204 words
  • ShadowDancer

    Stealth Autumn by ShadowDancer

    it rained
    and washed the summer away;

    46 words
  • PapasGirl

    Old Faithful Friend by PapasGirl

    Old Faithful Friend, when all the problems of the day have ended;
    With valient skies, and twinkling stars, that only you had blended;…

    I wait for you while darkness stills, the deep but empty night;

    122 words
  • marieangel

    Scotlands Auld lang Syne........... by marieangel

    From Mcenzies to Macintyres I love you all
    To every one in Scotland..just have a ball

    591 words
  • Sally Omar

    my sweet darling by Sally Omar

    as beautiful as a summer breeze
    violet eyes that tickle and tease
    arms that hold me tight
    sweet kisses in the night
    shoulders soft and tender
    so many nights i remember
    looking into her violet eyes
    touching …

    83 words
  • oscarelizondo

    Who Will Stand And Speak For Me? by oscarelizondo

    Who Will Stand And Speak For Me?

    Deep within the hidden shadows of my broken heart,
    Is a sensation to quit caring for the things I cannot control.
    I walk amongst the living as though I am a skeleton of …

    194 words
  • George Coombs

    Michael by George Coombs


    I saw him there,
    Brother Michael
    a Friar whose memory
    stood tall, tree like
    in the forest of time
    there, in the choir stall
    friend from the
    past white
    hair gilded by
    Summer light,

    74 words
  • Sally Omar

    lost in the shuffle by Sally Omar

    lost in the shuffle
    no one noticed
    the fear
    a little boy lost
    did anyone care
    out in the cold
    sent to the store
    a little boy lonely
    who wanted more
    the streets were lonesome
    not too many people around
    his eyes …

    101 words
  • adgray

    ☼ Not telling yet! ☼ by adgray

    Not long now
    Just a few more days
    and then I can spill the beans =0þ

    487 words
  • The Jonathan Sloat

    What Is This Thing Called Love? by The Jonathan S...

    looking way past yesterday
    at that true love that heaven’s sent
    maybe that love will find a way
    and when i stood alone on sand
    i threw my dream into that sea
    but maybe it will come again

    258 words
  • Sally Omar

    the Angel with black wings by Sally Omar

    an Angel with black wings appeared
    dancing through the roses
    as she passed each rose greeted her
    with favor and anticipation
    a soft breeze made her wings flutter
    and she giggled at the feeling
    she danced o…

    229 words
  • adgray

    Growth Gap by adgray

    Ever notice the shape of a tree is the shape of its leaves
    and (if it has any) the shape of the fruit
    A tree gives us the power of life & the power of peace

    88 words
  • adgray

    ♥ Healing ♥ by adgray

    … and I cried. Why did he call it Sanctuary? He has no idea how prolific that is! This is the poetic pair to my heart rendering “Growth Gap”

    139 words
  • George Coombs

    In Memoriam Christopher Alder by George Coombs

    In Memoriam – Christopher Alder

    (Died watched by Hull Police 1998)…

    hiding behind uniforms
    police watch him
    helpless, frail
    as a fallen leaf
    on the floor
    breathing shackled
    by their cruelty
    Christopher, our

    151 words
  • Sandy Woolard

    A Moment in the Sand by Sandy Woolard

    At times, memories flood in like the ocean waters during high tide,
    Time washes in over my feet with coolness to the feel,
    Allowing myself to recede with the waters over the broken shells,
    Focusing on t…

    166 words