Freedom to Shine (NO NUDITY)

The desire of this group is to give beginners, amateurs, and professionals a chance to shine side by side; in their own respective art forms! --->TRY CLICKING OUR CATEGORY TABS BELOW TO REFINE YOUR SEARCH<---


  • George Coombs

    After Rain by George Coombs

    after rain
    here in transcendent
    stillness…early morning…
    autumnal trees
    glisten in amber
    streetlight… rain
    jewelled branches…
    feet reverentially slow
    on waiting pavement,
    sense of holiness,
    gulls call praising…

    43 words
  • hummingbirds

    A Psalm for Easter by hummingbirds

    Where, O Lord, will I find security?
    In government? In my bank account? In a job? In my relationships?
    Governments fail; money flies away; layoffs happen; relationships break.
    No; my security is in you …

    298 words
  • George Coombs

    Again by George Coombs

    gentle breeze…
    traveller returns
    welcomed in
    is annointing
    touch not to be
    feared here…
    open in greeting
    trees embrace
    seasonal adornment
    good to be quiet…
    safe…at peace
    now spring
    is h…

    39 words
  • George Coombs

    We Find Space by George Coombs

    (For Tigger The Itinerent Cat)
    again you greet me
    in my flat
    where we inhabit
    a vast country
    of silence…cat who
    i know so well
    you visit…
    you share welcome
    of quiet…good we can
    be ourselves
    me at my desk…you

    57 words
  • The Jonathan Sloat

    Lullaby by The Jonathan S...

    So don’t break
    Your tiny heart
    Dawning breaks
    A brand new start
    Love, dream
    And don’t you cry
    And I’ll sing
    This lullaby

    208 words
  • George Coombs

    In Our Park by George Coombs

    (For Mum)
    walking slowly
    in our park
    crocuses that you
    loved bloom in
    quiet beauty
    open in early
    spring light…
    tangled skeletal
    trees line my path
    with special shining
    here mum…dad
    we share aga…

    53 words
  • George Coombs

    Silence by George Coombs

    real existence
    where candle
    delicate tongue
    quiet fire
    to just be
    beginning pure
    now creation
    in early

    George Coombs
    31 words
  • juddarwin

    Yes is you, 54; might even be bluE room.: {(IS. {WRITING ... by juddarwin

    This content is not visible because mature content has been hidden.
    188 words
  • George Coombs

    Fairy by George Coombs

    fairy sprite roaming the forest
    floating on the breeze
    singing with the birds
    playing with the leaves
    you leave no footprints
    anywhere you roam
    anywhere that you leave
    your light is a place i can call home

    69 words
  • Stephen  J. Vattimo

    If A Dead Friend Warned Me Of Hell,I would Repent? by Stephen J. Va...

    “He answered, ‘Then I beg you, father, send Lazarus to my family, 28 for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.’
    573 words
  • George Coombs

    For Mum On My Seventieth Birthday by George Coombs

    now candle of life flutters as pilgrim
    eyes near the other shore where loved
    ones dance gentle as a dawn chorus……

    you dear “special friend” “travelling
    companion” free in fields of
    everlasting light… now

    71 words
  • su2anne

    The righteous rule... by su2anne

    A dirge of death is given forth
    Dust motes spiral down to travel into the minds of the untroubled;
    They are of the blinded with wits dulled by a lack of care; except for themselves.

    51 words
  • George Coombs

    Seventieth Year by George Coombs

    Seventieth Year
    my seventieth year
    under the sky
    again here
    in existence…
    on top of the
    cliff where gulls lament
    across sea vast as thought…
    horizon gently
    beckons to be alive
    tremulous times
    range …

    54 words
  • George Coombs

    Four Haikus by George Coombs

    Four Haikus…

    sheep feeding in field
    are gentle children of our
    holy mother earth

    here in creation
    distant horizon sea is
    jewelled with light

    now mother earth will
    call us home waiting with
    a silent longing

    51 words
  • su2anne

    Neglect... by su2anne

    Of course not always are things what they appear
    And in this instance he was on the outside.
    Keyless or was it clueless
    He scratched at his balls…

    99 words
  • su2anne

    What you can do? by su2anne

    “Hav’n a ball are ya?”
    “Well we can’t be hav’n that!”
    Life is SERIARSE
    And al’ you do is take the micky!!!
    O’ oh i’ve been found out again…

    36 words
  • Sunil


    Please read this and you and team members of The Kapil Sharma Show will forgive each other and will keep entertaining all Indian community and other communities worldwide.

    1548 words
  • Stephen  J. Vattimo

    An Idea Is Circling Over Head by Stephen J. Va...

    I was walking in the Valley Forge Park to day,and decide to pull a prank on two very attractive young woman.

    143 words