Freedom to Shine (NO NUDITY)

Group Rules:

Group Rules and Guidelines

1) This group is open to ALL individuals which includes those under
the age of 18; therefore the following rules will be strictly enforced.

- NO Nudity

- nudity in children is NOT permissible other than a baby in a
bathtub type of photo, with NO private parts showing.

- Titles or writings which contains profanity using sexually explicit
(four letter type) words, will be judged on an individual bases
and rejected if deemed over the top.

- Images depicting death, violence, deformed human beings, or the glorification of skulls and bones or graphic dark side themes will not be accepted.

- Repeated deletions for noncompliance of the group’s rules WILL
result in removal from the group.

2) It is the job of the Host of this group to moderate fairly and see
that the rules of this group are adhered to by ALL. If there is a
concern or a dispute on a piece of work and the way it was
judged, please contact a host via personal Bmail and the matter
will be addressed sincerely and honestly.

3) No journal entries will be allowed – only works of art… period.

4) Please limit the number of art works/uploads to THREE (3) per
day. A writing is considered a work of art.

5) The host has the right to use any image added to this group as an “example image” in a challenge. The image used as an example may still be entered into the challenge.

Please be Courteous and Respectful to all members of this group; it costs you nothing but gains you much. Treat all the way you wish to be treated. Enjoy and…….SHINE!!!