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Calling all writers

This challenge closed over 6 years ago.

The Challenge

Since there isn’t software specially designed for challenges that include writers; we are going to use what is there already. Here’s how it works… Simply take your writing and post it into an image format. You can have a simple white background with just black words, or you can dress it up as you see fit. Let me stress that this challenge is for WRITTEN WORKS ONLY. We will remove any images that contain just a few words. This is our attempt to host a writing challenge.
Challenge addendum: The written work must fit onto a “normal sized” image. The example of the writing that is used in the image for this challenge is what you need to use as a guideline.
The writings should contain at least 10 words and no more than 60-80 words. (there is some leeway there) The idea is that you can read the writing on the picture.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for the writing that moves you most!

Rewards & Prizes

A $20.00 RB voucher. and a featured spot on our groups home page.

Additional Information

If you have questions or concerns, please bmail the hosts Julie and Roger We will do our best to assist you with this challenge.

Cover Image: Desire's Fire by Roger Sampson


The Top Ten

To Win by Tom Newman

To Win by Tom Newman was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 2 votes.

  • Deepness in a Time by Roger Sampson
  • Her name was Emily by Mauds
  • Alone I stand   II by solareclips~Julie  Alexander
  • Decisions by ☼Laughing Bones☾
  • Eyes of Envy by Jamie Lee
  • Morning Haiku by waddleudo
  • Cry for Me (an image & a poem) by Rhonda Strickland
  • Time to Make Amends (Image) by TonyCrehan
  • Other Possibilities by su2anne

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  1. A Smile on a Child's Face

    A Smile on a Child's Face

    This challenge is looking for a genuine smile on a child's face. The child or children must b…

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