Fractal Perception (2 per day max please)

Group Rules:

This groups only requests-rules are to… Identify what your submission resembles “Looks like” to you via the *Title or Descrption before uploading it to this particular group*


That all journals or writings submitted here are related somehow to this group or fractal info-share-educ-features of fractals from this or other groups- Fractal challenge wins from this or other fractal groups etc. You get the idea. Something related to fractals

For more information, be sure and refer to the groups description for submission guidelines. Any piece we deem as ‘too abstract’ or badly supported in terms of title or description should expect to be rejected for obvious reasons. Please do not take it personally and we hope you can make a few adjustments then re-submit it here..

I respectfully add that… All submissions that do not comply with this groups simple requests-rules will be removed without notice

Please feel free to comply then resubmit it

You must identify what you feel your fractal looks like … reminds you of … is perceived as … resembles … when submitting them to this group.. It would be great too if you could add what program(s) used to create it would be an asset to all who participate here. I learn much everyday from others when they include a little creation info with their submissions.

There is no limit on how many images you can have in this group… however… Please limit your daily submissions to 2 per day max.