Fractal Perception (2 per day max please)

"*Fractals that looks like things from everyday life*"

  • Hibiscus Garden with Ladybug by wolfepaw
  • The flight by walstraasart
  • Rosie Red by Chazagirl
  • Thoughts by blacknight
  • Apozodiac by barrowda
  • Dream of Angel by Lemarly
  • One soul by Annmarie *
  • Apollonian Flower by Ross Hilbert
  • Flowers are Forever by Chazagirl
  • Atlantasy by DesirĂ©e Glanville
  • MotherNature by Lemarly
  • Egret's Egress by Keith Reesor
  • Gnarl collection by innacas
  • The Tapestry of Time I by Ross Hilbert
  • Scenery by OutsideFate
  • Wearing Red to a Wedding by OutsideFate
  • Tut62#12:  Electric Purple Staff Meeting (G1357) by barrowda
  • the Magician's Shelves by blacknight