Fractal Perception (2 per day max please)

"*Fractals that looks like things from everyday life*"

Recent Work

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  • Initiation by Daniel Watts
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  • the fractal tree by Feedback Loop
  • Broken Shapes by Feedback Loop
  • Broken Shapes-other perspective by Feedback Loop

About This Group

About This Group

This is a group for Fractal Art thatLook like things you see from everyday life.” This would be something Physical like an everyday object or a fractal pattern identifiable as "occurring Naturally’ – a tree for example.

Nouns= Person, places, things, with titles that match the artwork are all we accept. But.. Not just fractals that look abstract with the title Red or Linda or Dazed & Confused or Abutfxxzyaz1 or anything like that.. It must look like something in both art with a matching descriptive title

Be nice to include a comment with your upload that indicate what the object/Fractal represents to you & even how you created it for more interest.

A small amount of examples below:

Flowers, vase’s, materials, hearts, diamonds, spades, jewelry, landscapes, Horses, Dragons, swords, perfume bottles, ornaments, candy, fish, bowls, planets, stars, rainbows, animals, greeting cards, fountains, birds, bathrooms, windows, curtains, statues, buildings, wrapped gifts, Trees, clouds, candles, eye wear, chairs, symbols, buildings, fruit, trees, foods, pillows, beds, lamps, music notes, stairs, flora’s, whales, fish, fireworks, staplers, desks, feathers, animals, wildlife, plants, Spirograph, candles, glassware, sci-fi stuff, etc. etc. etc… Fractal Art that represents real everyday objects people identify with…. Gives a perception of… Thus the groups title…. You get the idea..

There are plenty of fractal art groups here that want the more traditional fractal artwork.. This one is not for that… It is for creations that give a “perception” of being something that… Look like things from everyday life

We are not looking for Fractalius filter only images here.. It can be added to enhance your program generated fractal design but not without having a true fractal work amongst it…. Text is very welcome on the artwork in this group. Mixed media is cool too. Just make sure it includes an obvious true fractal inclusion that looks like a noun…

New features will be added to the line-up on a regular basis & run continuously in the Featured section on the home page. They are never removed. If you find you are getting work rejected or removed… please re-read-review the groups submission criteria. Please… Respect your groups submission criteria.


Thanks so much to those of you who joined this group & actually participate in it.. You are valued and appreciated…

Lj Maxx

Group Avatar by this weeks featured artist WolfePaw

Another fine example below of Peggi’s work is titled “Mosaic Strawberries

Peggi never seizes to amaze and dazzle all with her abilities to get the most beautiful results from her fractal formulas. Go take a look though her gallery and you will see many pages of spectacular images she has created. Hats off to you Peggi!

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