Fractal Pong

This group will be sharing ideas and knowledge through the use of parameters. This group is primarily for FE, APO, UF and Vichra users.

Recent Work

  • Pong4-Autumngirl-Dragon Tail by abstractjoys
  • Trixen by Fiery-Fire
  • Caramel Lace by Fiery-Fire
  • Enchanted lights by Fiery-Fire
  • Ponging the night away by Fiery-Fire
  • Forwards & Backwards ("Exquisite-sepia" step-03jrf) by viennablue
  • SPCH2 Michelle Image 2 Red Flowers + Parameter by plunder
  • Python by Carolyn Staut

About This Group

The purpose of this group is to learn by sharing knowledge and fractal parameters. We will be having regular challenges for our members soon! Right now, I am still in the planning stages and working out the details. Anyone joining this group should know that you WILL be expected to share your parameters for our challenges and pong sessions with the members of this group. At the end of our sessions we will be collecting and placing the parameters into parameter packs to help the community. If you are not willing to do so, then, this is not the group for you!

You MUST be a FRACTAL ARTIST to join this group!

Pong is where a set of parameters is posted, then shared with several people. You use the starter posted parameters to make your own image learning techniques along the way.. You post your parameters you created so that others can learn from you. What makes this interesting is that each person has a different way of creating the fractal…So with 1 set of parameters, several more can be created!

Programs Used:
For right now, only Ultra Fractal will be used, though a bit later on, we’re planning on having more fractal programs be used also. Stay tuned for updates on that!

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