Fractal Art Frenzy

Fractal art and fractal mixed media

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Forum Last Post
Comment General discussion
27 topics 100 posts
about 6 years ago by rocamiadesign
Comment Fractal Frenzy Series : the theme weeks
34 topics 64 posts
over 8 years ago by Leoni Mullett
Comment For Critique
2 topics 6 posts

Show your artwork on which you seek critique and advice

about 9 years ago by Leoni Mullett
Comment Softwares discussion
8 topics 38 posts
over 3 years ago by Zeven
Comment Creative Workshop
4 topics 11 posts

Share creative ideas, tips, scripts, formulas…

almost 8 years ago by musicaldruid
Comment Weekly icons
1 topic 56 posts

List of group images chosen each week

over 7 years ago by Rupert Russell
Comment Group News
2 topics 8 posts
almost 8 years ago by Vanessa Barklay
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