Fractal Art Frenzy

Fractal art and fractal mixed media

Recent Work

  • Pentangled... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Corrosion... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • New Experiment... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Strange Nights by James Brotherton
  • Flowers and Buds... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Beyond Space & Time	 Fractal Art by xzendor7
  • Deeper... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • The Elegance Of Trilia NSE Fractal Portrait by xzendor7
  • Plane and Spheres, Plain and Simple by barrowda
  • Stabilised... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • In a Spin... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • pool-garden by Sankofa

About This Group

Zest up your fractal mind !

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Dizzy Effect: by Chazagirl

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Read the group description and guidelines before adding a work !!!

*Please mention in your description which fractal software you used! If you don’t and I can’t easily recognise a fractal in your image, it will be removed. I’ve already done so, if you’re wondering why your work disappeared from the group.

If you explain how and where a fractal was involved in the creation of a mixed artwork I will accept it.*

Only 2 images or clothing items per day, please!


This group gathers fractal artists who want to help fractal art to be visible as a genre of its own.
Unlike what might be thought first when discovering these digital artworks, the computer does not do it all! Of course, these pictures could not exist without computer programs (such as Apophysis, Ultra Fractal and many more), but behind each piece, its creator spent huge amounts of time tweaking parameters, searching for original formulas or shapes, and experimenting with forms, colors, textures, often with the additional use of layers, or mixing different fractal types or different medias… some even do care about the math behind!

The whole idea of the Fractal Art Frenzy group is to bring people to engage in the most creative process, incorporate this fractal tool in their palette, explore new territories of digital creation, and expand the genre in all sorts of paths!

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