Fractal Combinations!

Using fractal programs, Bryce, and photography, together!

Recent Work

  • Bubbles in the Time Warp Aura Field by barrowda
  • Fairy Starburst Bubbles by barrowda
  • Carolina Carousels at Sundown by barrowda
  • Shadows On the Wall by Bunny Clarke
  • Fractal Marble Checker Pickup Sticks by barrowda
  • Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover by barrowda
  • What Dreams Are Made Of by xzendor7
  • Tile-time 2 by Annmarie *
  • Sharing Light to End the Darkness by barrowda
  • Inside the Cookie Tin by barrowda
  • Bejeweled Web Design by barrowda
  • 'Til We Have Faces by blacknight

About This Group

This group will focus on using true fractal programs in conjunction with each other, as well as with Bryce, and photography. Mixing it up is what it’s all about! Combinations with all fractal programs welcome, but you MUST specify how it was done in your written description of each piece! The name of the fractal program you created the image in must be included in your description. And creativity is the rule here!


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